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Austar is most known for its vast deserts and sprawling desert coastlines. It is the home of Fort Lin and Lincastle. This south-eastern territory is split into four Dragondoms: Jipirat, Tayiqar, Yicora, and Zaikar. It borders the Gable forest along its north side, the Eastern Barrier range along its east, the Gable Mountains along its west, and the South Seas along its southern border. We don't hear much of Austar in the first book of the Dragonwall Series, but we do in the second. It is home to one of Dragonwall's main characters, Jeanine, who comes from a small village of Kaljah.

During the Gobelin War, a great deal of soldiers from Lincastle migrated East to protect the eastern borders from Pavv. In the end, many of these soldiers made these villages home. Saffra was only ten when the war took place, but as the king's newly appointed prophetess, she was crucial in predicting and assisting.