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Lower Council

The Lower Council is an advisory council that meets with the king each week, or more frequently as needed. While the king has rights to make the ultimate decision, he is expected in good faith to listen to the advice of his Lower Council. The Lower Council is meant to be the bridge between the king and his people. Each member represents a lord governor of a Dragondom. Thus, there is one member per Dragondom, voted in by the people. Most often, it is nobility that takes up this position, as the poor generally don’t vote because they do not own property. 

The members of the Lower Council have residences within the Great Keep, though they are not expected to live there permanently. They tend to go between their homes in the Dragondom they represent, and the capital. Those who represent Dragondoms in the north, travel much less, as it is a long distance to reach the north by horse or carriage or ship. They tend to spend great lengths of time in the capital, only visiting home sporadically or not at all. They correspond via letter more frequently with the lord governors they represent.

While there are twenty representatives + the king’s prophetess, there are not necessarily twenty-one council members in attendance because some are traveling to or from home. If they are present within the capital, however, they are expected to attend meetings. 

Aside from their meetings with the king, Lower Council members are expected to attend daily court. They have chairs in a designated area to the side of the king’s dais where they observe. They are often called upon to vote on matters at court (similar to a jury in a court room), such that the king understands their stance before he issues a ruling. He may override any advice they offer, but he does so with discretion because the people expect him to take council advice seriously.

A Lower Council member is voted in and serves for as long as they wish, generally for life, until old age restrains them from attending to their duties or traveling. Often their children are popular candidates to be voted in, but not always. New members who wish to put their name forth are considered as candidates. The voting in of a new member happens within the Dragondom they represent. It is presided over by the lord governor of that Dragondom. Land owners must travel to the lord governor’s estate to cast their vote. This is rather restrictive since many land owners are busy managing their land or cannot travel. Thus, the system is rather flawed.


Names of those on the Lower Council in King Talon’s court:


  • Lord Richard Rosk [Lord Rosk often displays better sense than the others]

  • Lord Layton Raffe

  • Lord Ashton Wyndahm

  • Lord Erwin Glover

  • Lord Charles Karney [Lord Karney and Lord Raffe often bicker and don’t get along.]

  • Lord Laurence Barnes

  • Lord Seth Lawson

  • Lord Daniel Wood

  • Lord Douglas Reid

  • Lord Finlay Murry

  • Lord Varos Garabed

  • Lord Sion Aziz

  • Lord Ethan Ward

  • Lord Henry Owen

  • Lord Walter Sharp

  • Lord Luwai Zaki

  • Lord Taahir Hash

  • Lord Abdus Morad

  • Lord Orosz Bertalan

  • Lord Tycho Paetus

  • Lord Stefan Rosen (Branded a traitor and Kane’s Nask. Executed.)

  • Lord Euen Doyle (Branded a traitor and Kane’s Nask. Executed.)

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