Reyr the Gold

Reyr the Gold (The Dragonwall Series 2). This item comes in paperback ($15.00) or hardcover ($30.00). It can be purchased with or without an autograph. Autographed copies are a $5 adder for both sizes. If you would like your autographed copy personalized, make sure you add instructions in the special notes section when adding to the cart. All copies come with a custom edition bookmark.


Hardcover product measures slightly above 6 x 9 inches with the book jacket. Paperback measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches.


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Due to COVID 19, order fulfillment times may vary. The print and bind time has been extended through the publisher. We will do our best to fulfill orders within a couple of days of ordering. 

Reyr the Gold

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  • After fulfilling an Unbreakable Promise to Cyrus, Claire has finally accepted her new life in Dragonwall. She has a new Promise and purpose—one she created for herself. She must save Dragonwall, that much is certain. What isn’t so certain, is how she will achieve this end. Powerful magic courses through her veins, and she has no idea how to control it.


    Mastering magic isn’t Claire’s only challenge. She constantly finds herself at odds with Dragonwall’s king. They both understand that to succeed, they must work together. This isn’t so easy when Claire secretly harbors a grudge against King Talon. Likewise, King Talon struggles to man-up and apologize for his destructive behavior. When their emotions collide, leading to a dangerous turn of events, King Talon becomes Claire’s only hope. They both must overcome their feelings and realize what is more important: each other. Dragonwall is relying on them.


    In this second installment of the Dragonwall Series, our story continues where Talon the Black left off. Join Claire in her quest to defeat Dragonwall’s evilest sorcerer and save Dragonwall.