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Lady Witch Series

Grab a single copy or the whole set! These come autographed. Paperback and hardcover both measure 5.5in x 8.5in. The hardcover is a case laminant. This means it does not come with a dust jacket. The art is printed right on the casing.


There are currently three books in this series. It is an ongoing series.

Book 1: Wielder's Prize

Book 2: Wielder's Bond

Book 3: Wielder's Might


These books cannot be read out of order.

Lady Witch Series

  • Every witch needs a wielder. Newly bonded, Aramina sets out from the Citadel to take up her first assignment. Traveling across Raeria won’t be easy. Not because of the demons along the way, but because of Rixon. He might be the best wielder in the Citadel, but he has a questionable past. Plus, he spent the last two years pointedly ignoring her. 

    Now she’s stuck with him. Not just for this assignment, but for life. She’s determined to remain closed off, to keep him at arm’s length no matter how flustered he makes her. Her heart is locked up tight, and for good reason. But the life of a witch is lonely. And Rixon might be exactly what her heart needs.

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