Talon the Black - Hardcover

Hardcover copy of Talon the Black



Talon the Black - Hardcover

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  • A dragon falling from the sky. A fantastic world parallel to ours. A small-town girl in over her head. The death of a beloved guardian. An evil sorcerer intent on wiping out a species. A complicated plot to destroy a kingdom. An Unbreakable Promise that must be fulfilled. A brooding dragon king who failed to find his mate. All this and more awaits you in the world of Dragonwall, where adventure calls and destiny follows.


    Claire Evans is from Battle Ground, Indiana. When a dragon falls from the sky, she doesn’t think twice about rescuing it. In so doing, she is swept into a world she can hardly imagine. From the moment she steps foot in Dragonwall, she is considered an outsider, especially by the king. He mistrusts her and judges her unfairly. Saving his kingdom is one thing, gaining his trust is another. If she cannot show him the truth, he and his people will be doomed.


    Modern meets medieval in this first installment of the Dragonwall Series, full of magical creatures and adventure. Journey with Claire across an entire kingdom to fulfill a promise that starts it all.

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