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Preorders and Inventives

Website preorders are officially OPEN!! Digital eBook Preorders will open August 15th through websites like Amazon, but there will be no preorder incentive for digital products. I set my eBook prices extremely low to make them affordable, so there isn’t room to profit if I were to offer incentives for these. Physical books purchased through avenues like Amazon, Book Depository, etc. are not eligible to be listed as preorders due to the rules of these marketplace hosts and print companies for indie authors, unfortunately. So these will go on sale September 7th, 2021.

Website Preorders:

As an indie author, website preorders are important to me. They help me gauge the number of books I should order during my first round of printing with my POD services. As an extra incentive to order physical copies through my website, I will be offering the following incentives:

Incentive #1: All website preorders of Verath the Red made prior to the on sale date of September 7th, 2021 will come with an extra set (x3) standard bookmarks. These are the ones with the scales on them.

All books purchased will still come with the “custom edition” Claire bookmark corresponding to the book purchased. Both the standard and custom bookmark sets are also available for purchase($5) if you would like an extra set. NOTE: You do not need to add the standard bookmark set to your cart. It will automatically be included with all preorders up until September 7th. If you do add either set, you will be charged for their cost.

Incentive #2: As an extra incentive, all website purchases made during the preorder window will come with your choice of one Claire art print. There are three art print options: Silver Gown, Purple Gown, and Red Gown. See photo at the top of this page for a glimpse of each print. Below, you will find instructions on claiming your art print with your website order.

1) Add your choice of Claire art print to your order

2) During check out, enter the coupon code PREORDER

3) This will remove $6 from your order for the charge of the print

4) If you would like all three prints to get the discount cost, you may add the bundle ($15) and use the PREORDER code to take off $6 for the full cost of the bundle.

**NOTE: If you do not select one of the three art prints, a random one will be selected for you**

Incentive #3: For every book purchased, you will be entered into a giveaway for a hardcover autographed edition of For the Crown (with its matching bookmark). For example, if you purchase three books, you get three entries. I will be giving away x5 copies, so the odds are in your favor!

You don’t need to do anything other than make a purchase (of any book) between now and September 6th, 2021. I will be announcing the winner via my newsletter and on my website blog during the week following the Verath the Red book launch.

If you have any questions, always feel free to email me at

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