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"If only ballerinas knew what vampire blood could do for their dancing."

What would you do if an injury ripped your dreams right out from underneath you? And just when you finally accept that you won’t have the life you intended, an achingly beautiful vampire offers you exactly what you need—immortality. Only, that vampire is responsible for stealing you away to his manor outside Vienna, and happens to own Vienna’s hottest night club. Not only that, he’s so frustrating, you’re determined to hate him—until you don’t. Soon, you discover he’s in the middle of a war against some of his own kind (those who refuse to live by the vampire code), and you’re the catalyst that sends everything into overdrive.

That’s Cece’s problem.

Cece, once a prima ballerina for the National Ballet, is living in Vienna when she’s thrown into a seemingly impossible world: vampires are the makings of Rome’s famed gladiators, and night-walkers stalk the streets like zombies. Our story begins in the action, as reflections of the past emerge. Cece must make sense of her new surroundings in the only way she can—through her experience with ballet and the hurt it brought her. Anghor Manor is the setting for this tale, filled with vampires, ballet, and an unforgettable romance.