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Averaen and Evelyn: Leaders of Fort Edge. Lord Averaen was a king’s shield for King Tallek. When Tallek died, Averaen retired and took over leadership of Fort Edge. His love story was considered an anomaly, because he found his mate later than anyone believed possible. Many secretly believed he lied, and that Evelyn was simply a lover. But when she bore him a son, Dallin, none could deny the truth of it. 


Bedelth: One of six king’s shields. His scales are hues of orange like the sunset. His skin is a medium to light brown. His eyes are dark brown with flecks of gold. His hair is closely shorn to his scalp. Bedelth comes from For Lin in the east. His parents, Kadeen and Seishi, are still alive. 


Bennett: Merchant ship captain of the Lady Faith. He’s got dark skin and ropes of hair. His voice is deep, and his eyes are soft. He’s taken many voyages, but most notably is known for his transportation of Ice Metal from Iceport in the north, to Kastali Dun in the south. Bennett was born in Oshea, but grew up in the Pauper’s District of Kastali Dun. He has a particularly annoying but cute macaw named Beaky, who he found during an adventure in the Scattered Islands.


Berbik: The dwarg discovered in the cells of Shadowkeep. Berbik is from Notroic, on the eastern side of the Northern Barrier Range. 


Byron: Son of Lord Davi and Lady Emmy. He is heir to Fort Squall and the realized mate of Tamara Redwynn. He is also a wing second to one of Fort Squall’s fighting wings.


Caterina: A mage-in-training, specializing in healing arts, as well as a lady of the court. She is the daughter of the Stefan Rosen, a former lower council member branded traitor. She has black hair and green eyes. 


Claire: Our leading character. She has sun-bronzed skin, blond hair and startling green eyes. Born in Indiana, Claire discovers Dragonwall through Cyrus. She is tasked with safely bringing the remaining dragonstones to King Talon. She later becomes wrapped up in Dragonwall’s fate.


Cyrus: Former king’s shield. Cyrus’s scales are pearlescent white. He has golden skin, dark brown hair and eyes. Cyrus was sent on a secret mission to retrieve the remaining dragonstones. He eventually lands in Claire’s cornfield. He is a known Mind Bender. He formerly had a rider and mate by the name of Leeana. She died during the ice battle in Vestur.


Dallin: Appears in the capital to take up a position as king’s shield. His scales are shades of violet and purple. He is from Fort Edge and his parents are Lord Averaen and Lady Evelyn. 


Davi and Emmy: Leaders at Fort Squall. Davi is Reyr’s twin brother, though Reyr is considered the older as he was born first. Davi’s and Emmy’s son is Byron. Like Reyr, Davi’s line can be traced back to the Iron Clan.


Daxton: A noteworthy commander of the king’s army. He and Saffra met at a young age, before he went off to the goblin wars, and fell in love. He was also Saffra’s archery tutor. 


Desaree: A servant of the keep. She and Claire become the best of friends.


Dubrael: The dwarg lord of Safuil.


Eagle Knight: A trained assassin from the Eagle Lake region. 


Eymar: The first drengr ever made. He was born a dragon and blessed with humanity. His birth name is Vigilance. He belonged to the Iron Clan.


Isabella: The great sprite queen who created the drengr. She is also credited with building the great keep and founding Kastali Dun, alongside her mate, King Eymar.


Jade: The current queen of the sprites.


Jamie: Son of Tynen and Mary, who found Mikkin when he fled the ruin of Belnesse. Jamie joins Mikkin on his journey to discover the location of the wild dragons.


Jeanine and Jahl: Jeanine and Jahl are from the eastern village of Kaljah. They flee to the forest, where they settle in Esterpine with the sprites.


Jovari: One of six king’s shields. Jovari’s scales are deep blue in color. He has pale skin and auburn hair, and is often seen with a boisterous smile on his face. He is the youngest of the six shields. He’s also a notorious flirt. His parents are still alive, and serve at Fort Lin.


Kane: The only known living asarlaí, intent on regaining the lands his people once ruled. He hopes to control all five dragonstones.


Koldis: One of six king’s Shields. Koldis’s scales are emerald green in color. He tends to be the moodiest of the king’s bunch. He’s also the toughest to win over.


Mikkin: Former resident of Belnesse. When his family, Mardra, Devden, and Thomas, and his city were burned to the ground, he fled and made vengeance his life’s mission. 


Rage: The leader of the Ice Clan at the dawn of the Third Age. He ruled during the time the drengr were made and was defeated by Vigilance, who later became King Eymar.


Reyr: One of six king’s shields. Reyr’s scales are golden in color, with shimmery gold flecks. He has bronzed skin, his hair is blond, and his eyes are golden. He and Claire become the best of friends. He tends to be more openly accepting of people. Before becoming a shield, he had a rider and mate named Gemma. She died during the war with the Kalds. He is one of the rare few who can trace his lineage back to the Iron Clan.


Saffra: The king’s prophetess. She has a rare ability to see the past, present, and future as visions and dreams. She grew up a peasant in a humble farming family but moved to the capital just before turning ten. She has brown skin and dainty features. She is skilled at archery and often uses it as a coping mechanism. Because of her position, she holds a seat on the lower council.


Tallek and Ahlessa: King and queen of Dragonwall and parents to King Talon. They perished during during the ice battle in Vestur.


Talon: The first black-scaled drengr to rule Dragonwall. His scales tend towards shades of iridescence when caught in the sun. He is cursed with a frightful temper and often struggles to put his humanity first. He was handsome in his younger years, but now bears the scars he obtained during the ice battle with the Kalds. His hair is black and unruly, and his eyes are silver with gold flecks. He rules Dragonwall without a mate. 


Tamara Redwynn: The only daughter of the great Redwynn family. She sneaks away from Redport and her family to chase her dream of becoming a rider. She finds herself at Fort Squall where she discovers her mate.


Taylynn and Feowen: Siblings, children of Queen Jade. Currently living in Esterpine. Princess Taylynn is the oldest. 


Tess: Head woman of the castle. She has a large, curvy figure, and is well into her middle aged years. She is the mother hen of all her little chicks and keeps everyone in line often by carrying around a wooden spoon to smack them with. She can most often be found within the cookery.


Unka: A gobelin patrol leader who orders the capture of Mikkin and Jamie. He eventually guides them to the wild dragon lair in exchange for his freedom.


Verath: One of six king’s shields. Verath’s scales are shades dark red. His skin is bronzed and he has dark hair and eyes He is the oldest shield, older even than King Talon. He is the only shield to have served two kings.


Wrath: Current leader of the Ice Clan. His scales are blood red. The Ice Clan is the only remaining wild dragon clan of the thirteen clans that once lived.

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