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©2018 by Author Melissa Mitchell

Author Melissa Mitchell

Princess Lena is born into unusual circumstances where being a female means she must fight for what should already be hers. The Drengr monarchy is still in its infancy, and it functions under strict rules. Lena must contend with these rules if she is to claim her crown. One of these rules requires that she find her mate by the age of eighteen—she has no interest in that. Why should she require a male beside her to claim her birthright?


When events take an unexpected turn, Lena soon finds that she isn’t the only one fighting for the crown. The competition is fierce, and some of the crown’s contenders are willing to do whatever it takes, even if their actions result in death. Lena is a schemer herself, and she is determined to have a hand in the kingdom’s future. When a mysterious Drengr arrives in the capital to compete for the crown, Lena doesn’t know what to make of him. Surrounded by secrets, this Drengr could be the the worst thing that happens to her plans…or perhaps the best.


This book is meant to be a stand alone novel as part of the Royals of Dragonwall series. It predates Talon the Black (The Dragonwall Series) and takes place six thousand years after the creation of the Drengr monarchy. If you are interested in expanding your understanding of the world of Dragonwall, this book is for you!