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Ashvale: Minor city located in The Gable Forest. Jeanine and Jahl travel through on their way to Esterpine. 


Brezen: Town on the northern part of Celenore. 


Eagle Lake: A region of great economic growth. Eagle lake is connected to Stormy Bay by rivers that allow commerce to flourish. The largest export from this region is wood from Woodport.


Irelia Island: Island off the coast of Kastali Dun. This island is considered sacred. No one may settle or live. It is the old site of a Sea Clan home.


Kaljah: A small village on the eastern border of Esterpine. Kaljah, along with many other eastern villages, is attacked by goblins. Home of Jeanine and Jahl.


Kastali Dun: The capital of Dragonwall. When the drengr monarchy was formed, King Eymar and Queen Isabella retreated to the south. There they founded the city and built its great citadel upon the top of the hill overlooking the sea. There are approximately two hundred thousand people living in the city. More live in the countryside surrounding it.


Lincastle: Lincastle is one of four fort cities. It is home to Fort Lin.


Lormont, Osbourne, and Swinston: Three villages in the dragondom of Celenore near the river.


The Gable Forest: A world hidden within a world. It is a dangerous place for outsiders, who often become lost and wander forever within its midst. There are several secret cities within the forest, the largest of which is Esterpine.


The Ice Mines: This mysterious place is located in the mountains. It is where Ice Metal is mined. The drengr purchase their Ice Metal from the dwargs who forge it into weapons. The most famous of these weapons are sveraks, which are great swords wielded by the drengr. 


Redport: A famous port city and home to the Redwynn family, headed by Lord Aaron Redwynn, who acts as Lord Governor of Redport and all its surrounding lands in the dragondom of Warsile.


Safuil: Dwarg city along the Great Stone Road.


Shadowkeep: The ominous fortress where the infamous asarlaí, Kane, conducts most of his diabolical plans. This fortress was once a dwelling place for the Ice Clan during the early days when they sought to rule Dragonwall.


Squall’s End: One of four fort cities. Located on the shores of Stormy Bay, it is also one of the largest port cities. It is the home of Fort Squall, which sits just to the side of the large city.


Undirfold: The underworld where bad souls go. This is also where the Vodar come from. It is said to be full of monsters and fiends.


Vallahurst Forest: Mostly haunted, Vallahurst Forest is partially protected from deforestation. However, a large portion is open for logging.

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