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A Court of Frost and Starlight (ACOTAR #3.5)

[A quick note: I did not read this immediately after the others. I knew it would be short and sweet. Frankly, I wanted to stretch out my enjoyment. So I waited two months to dive in, and then I only allowed about 3-4 chapters each evening. It still ended too quickly, but only because I want to LIVE in this world forever.]

“Stars flickered around us, sweet darkness sweeping in. As if we were the only souls in a galaxy.” —Sarah J Maas

The war is over. The close-knit Court of Dreams must rebuild their shattered lives. They all bear scars, but some are harder to get over than others. As Winter Solstice approaches, Feyre struggles to find her place in the world. Even with all the festivities, it is difficult to avoid the shadows of the past. This short novella dives into the lives of Rhysand’s court and their battle to heal in the aftermath of the war.

Unlike the previous books, this switches between first and third person narration as we see not only Feyre, but also Rhysand, Cassian, Mor, and even Nesta POVs. Most of the POVs center around Feyre and Rhysand though. For all the romance lovers, there is still plenty of Feysand to enjoy.

“I think my heart knew you were mine long before I ever realized it.”

Maas does a great job in setting the stage for the next novel between Nesta and Cassian. The overall plot is quite simple. There’s not much conflict. To be expected for a novella of this length. However, I was impressed by SJM’s ability to weave tension between the pages. There is tension in the Illyrian camps. There’s tension between Nesta and her sisters. And there’s tension in the emotional heartbreak most of the characters suffer. It keeps the pages moving.

But there were also simple joys. I loved seeing the group together during Solstice. I could spend all my days hanging out with them. They make me so happy.

The best part is, despite the shortness of this novel, we see additional growth between Feyre and Rhysand. Especially with Feyre. She makes a huge realization after speaking with a weaver in Velaris, and this helps determine what she wants to do with the rest of her life (foreseeable future). I think these big decisions helped complete her character.

Overall, I loved this final glimpse into the Court of Dreams gang, post-war. It was short and sweet but adequate. I can’t wait for Nesta and Cassian’s book. I think SJM is going to blow us away as she usually does. My rating: 4/5⭐️ as far as novellas are concerned.


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