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A Holiday by Gaslight

[A quick note: I usually don’t read holiday books. In fact, I’m not sure I ever have. Christmas movies, yep. But Christmas books? I really enjoyed this one and now I’m thinking I need to make it a tradition to read a couple of these little gems each December. And can we take a moment appreciate this gorgeous cover? Also note, this book was extremely short at 165 pages and about a 5x8 trim size. I think it took me all of three hours to read.]

After courting the darkly handsome Mr Edward Sharpe for two months, Sophie cannot deny that they are ill-suited. Mr. Sharpe has scarcely uttered two sentences in her presence. But her family is bankrupt and Mr. Sharpe is rich, even if he is of a lower class. Better judgement leads her to invite Mr. Sharpe to Appersett House for Christmas, where she gives him one last chance to win her. And this time, there will be no false formalities.

This was the perfect little Christmas novella. Victorian romance. Gaslight. A ball. A dashing young gentleman. All set in motion by a misunderstanding between two people that leads to a sweet romance. It was a comfort read that I finished in all of two short sittings. It’s the kind of book you want to curl up by the fire with.

This was my favorite kind of romance. I love when two characters start off on the wrong foot. In this case, deeply misunderstanding each other. Sophie and Ned suffer through a courtship that spans several months, all because Ned is afraid to be himself. He’s merely a tradesman, while Sophie is a gentleman’s daughter. He puts up a front. But Sophie is having none of it! She’s determined to crack his enigmatic facade and get to know him—the real him. Appersett house is the perfect backdrop for this.

Because it’s a novella, this read is short and sweet. There’s no extra fluff. The story moves quickly and ends on a satisfying note. I enjoyed the dialogue and moments of romance. As far as novellas go, if you’re looking for a quick Christmas romance, this one is perfect. MY RATING: 4/5⭐️


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