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Court of the Vampire Queen

[A quick note: Reader BEWARE! This is an adult vampire romance reverse haram. My review is pretty tame. You won’t find any smutty words used. But you will find plenty of them in the actual book itself. Also note, this was originally a trilogy that was eventually bound into one volume. I ordered a special edition of this from Bookish Box. It won’t ship until November, so I read it on my kindle instead.]

I hated that I loved this book. I should probably feel scandalized after reading it. Or maybe embarrassed that I enjoyed it so much?


If you’re looking for vampires and smut, THIS IS YOUR BOOK. No, seriously, I’m not lying. This book was about 80% smut and 20% plot. It was also the dirtiest book I’ve read. It’s probably not the dirtiest book out there, but since the smut I read tends to be on the tamer side…well, there you have it.

What about the plot?? Okay, I actually loved the plot portion of this story. A daughter, mistreated by her power-hungry father, is given (because she’s his property) to a powerful bloodline vampire. She discovers that said vampire is being held captive by her father’s magic. She sets out to free him, and in doing so, discovers her powers. She’s not a powerless girl after all. What follows is a game of cat and mouse until she decides that the only way to live free is to kill her father.

Simple enough?

You know what had me chuckling?? To break her father’s blood bond magic, Mina needs…can you guess? Mina needs to have the most powerful of powerful orgasms. Only the most powerful orgasm will allow her to unlock her magic. OMG. I died. This was…well…I guess if you’re writing a smut book (that’s basically a porno on paper) why not??

**chuckles darkly**

I recommend reading the trigger warnings before you dive in. There are A LOT. Actually, it was the trigger warnings that had me like, “Okay, I’m soooo down for this!!” Are trigger warnings supposed to be a deterrent? Because…that sold me on the book. HAH!

In terms of enjoyment? This was a 5-star read. In reality, this was total trash in the best way. In terms of writing quality? There wasn’t any fancy prose or flowery writing. So in that case, it was pretty average. I DID like the plot, a lot, even though it was in the background.

Then I need to consider the genre. I’m not supposed to be rating this against other masterpieces. I’m supposed to be rating this within its genre as an adult smut book. As far as adult smut, technically this gets 5 stars. I just…don’t feel comfortable giving it quite that much.

𝐌𝐘 𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆: 𝟒.𝟓/𝟓⭐️


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