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The Black Prism

(4.5/5⭐️) Light is magic, colors have meaning, and one man holds it all together.

The Prism, also known as Gavin Guile, is seen as the supreme power in the Seven Strapies. Far across the Cerulean Sea, in Tyrea, a rebel king lays waste to Rekton killing all the villagers but two. This King Garadul challenges the kingdom, and Gavin must defeat him. But Gavin holds many secrets. When he learns that he has a bastard son named Kip, who happens to be one of two survivors of Rekton, Gavin must do whatever it takes to keep the remainder of his secrets hidden.

The Black Prism is a fantasy story that uses light as a means for magic. It didn’t feel as fantasy-ish as some fantasy books do, especially the epic fantasies. The story ended on a pretty big cliff hanger, which I’m not sure how I feel about. I’m still recovering, I guess. But overall it was an excellent story. I was really excited about starting the Lightbringer Series given my scientific background, and ’m really glad I did. Admittedly, it took some patience to get into this book, which is why I subtracted half of a star. Otherwise, I absolutely loved the story.

My favorite character is Kip. He’s the reason I made it through the first several chapters. Bravo to Brent Weeks for starting the story with him—best decision EVER. His character is AWESOME! Some of the stuff was a little hard to follow at the beginning, but Kip’s entertaining thoughts had me asking all the right questions. The thing is, Kip’s obease and he knows it, and in his lack of self esteem, he has built up this huge sense of humor that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

The pacing was nearly perfect, though I did feel bogged down in details now and again. The story is told from third person POV, so you have to be patient with the character changes in the beginning, which is probably why I wasn’t hooked immediately. But I grew to love the different characters, each with a distinct voice, from Gavin, to Liv, to Kerris, and of course, Kip.

I’m already looking forward to reading the second book.


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