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The Bullet Journal Method

(4/5) The Bullet Journal Method is a book about the organizational method of Bullet Journaling written by the inventor of the bullet journal method, Ryder Carroll. This book was more heavily focused on the emotional benefits of bullet journaling than I expected, but it still gave me a comprehensive look at the method itself, detailing the benefits of each step, with personal experiences given as testimonials from various bullet journalists.

I like this book because I myself am a bullet journalist and I want to get a deeper understanding of how the method I use is helping me on a deeper level. I also want to better understand the fundamentals of the method. This book helped me achieve both.

I like that the book stresses the idea of “intentional living” where everything you do should be done with intention. Life is too short to crowd it with meaningless tasks. Everything you spend time on should have meaning, be part of some bigger picture, and or get you closer to achieving your goals.

In a sense this book felt a bit like a self help book, but it also offered so much more. I never intentionally bought it to be a self help book, rather, something that helps me better stay organized. It turned out to do both.

I highly recommend this read, especially to anyone struggling with organization issues. Perhaps you’ve bought countless planners that have never worked with your lifestyle and you want a way to track and organize your life on your own terms. This book helps with exactly that.


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