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The Dragonwall Series 2nd ed. FAQ

Here you'll find everything you need to know about the reprint of the Dragonwall Books:

When can I buy the Dragonwall Books?

Physical copies of the Dragonwall Series will begin releasing October 1st, 2024. Due to timing, I cannot release them all at once. They will release at a staggered pace, with each book releasing every 2 to 3 months apart. This also helps stagger cost for those purchasing, just in case you want to own the new versions of the first three books.

When does Talon the Black release?

Tuesday, October 1st!! Preorders for Talon the Black will open in April!

Will there be a preorder incentive?

Yes! Through my website, I plan on offering 1 character artwork of Claire, illustrated by the amazing artist who is doing all of my interior artwork (see example in image above). This will be a 5x7 cardstock full color print for everyone who pre-orders a special edition hardcover. Make sure you're subscribed to my newsletter where I'll be revealing it in the coming months. I will also be doing some giveaways for this print after the launch. Eventually, it will be offered for purchase in the website store (while supplies last).

What about international shipping? Will your special edition be available in other countries?

I will be offering first-class package international shipping through my website, everywhere USPS ships (up to 4 weeks delivery time in some countries). There will be a shipping calculator when you check out through my website store to provide you the shipping cost. For example, UK shipping will cost approximately $30USD for the special edition. I don't set the prices, unfortunately. INTL shipping can get very expensive. But the option is there and it's the best I can do. If you have a cheaper option available to you and want to work with me through a different carrier, feel free to send me an email before you purchase and we can try alternatives.

What about your standard edition books? Will they be available in other countries?

Yes! My standard hardcover and paperback (see below for differences) will be sold through various retailers worldwide and will ship to whatever countries those retailers supply. For example, you can purchase through Amazon and have shipped whereever Amazon ships to.

What is the difference between the 2nd edition and the originally published books?

Overall, the story remains the same! There are no changes to the plot, characters, etc. There are no changes to the book cover and dust jacket. No changes to the trim size (5.5x8.5 for paperbacks and 6x9 for hardcovers) so that the new books like Koldis, Bedelth, Jovari, etc. match your original editions of Talon/Reyr/Verath.

The main differences are, the first three books (Talon, Reyr, and Verath) have been re-edited from their original forms, to better match my growth as a writer. They read more smoothly. I also threw in a bonus scene in Talon the Black.

The other big difference is that books 1-7 going forward will now have:

  • Beautifully illustrated chapter header at the start of each chapter

  • A newly illustrated map

  • x 3 custom art illustrations

  • New hidden cover on the case laminate for the hardcover

Do I need to re-purchase the first three books?

While I'd love the financial support, no! You can begin your purchasing journey on the 4th book (Koldis the Green). I promise it will match the first three if you already own. The dust jacket isn't changing. The trim size of the book isn't changing. The paperback cover isn't changing. However, when you purchase the 4th book, it will have all the bells and whistles because it will be part of the 2nd edition series release (art, new map, chapter headers, etc).

**The date for the 4th book (Koldis the Green) is anticipated for early summer 2025.

What formats of the books will be available?

I will be selling four different formatted books: standard paperback, standard hardcover, ebook, and special edition hardcover.

What are the differences between formats?

The biggest difference will be between the special edition and standard edition hardcover/paperback. The standard editions print on creme paper and the artwork will be black & white due to printing limitations and cost.

All four editions come with: newly illustrated map, chapter header, original cover, x3 artwork scattered throughout the story.

Here you'll find an organized list of what each edition has in terms of customizations:


  • Newly illustrated map

  • x3 illustrated artworks in black & white

  • Original cover

Paperback (trim size: 5.5 x 8.5):

  • Newly illustrated map

  • Illustrated chapter header

  • Creme paper

  • x3 illustrated artworks in black & white

  • Original cover

Hardcover (trim size: 6 x 9):

  • Newly illustrated map

  • Illustrated chapter header

  • Creme paper

  • x3 illustrated artworks in black & white

  • Original jacket cover

  • Newly designed cover on the case laminate beneath the jacket

Special Edition Website Hardcover (trim size: 6 x 9):

  • Newly illustrated map

  • Illustrated chapter header

  • Creme paper

  • x3 illustrated artworks in full color

  • Original jacket cover with gold foiling on the title!!!

  • Newly designed cover on the case laminate beneath the jacket

  • Autographed!

What will the price difference be between each format?

The ebook will cost $4.99, the paperback will cost $20.99, the hardcover will cost $36.00, and the special edition hardcover will cost $45.00

Why is the special edition more expensive?

Unfortunately, that's entirely due to print cost, which dictates the price of all my books. The cost of paper has gone up drastically over the past couple of years. Because the special edition has x3 full color artwork pages and gold foil title on the front cover, both of those custimations cost about $5 extra for printing, respectively. Hence, the $10 adder.

It also comes autographed by yours truly. ;)

Can we get autographed standard editions for the paperback and hardcover?

Not at this time. Due to my own personal time constraints, mainly the fact that I have a full time job, running a website store with massive amounts of varying inventory isn't an option for the initial release of each Dragonwall book. For the initial release, I will only be selling the special edition version through my website store. All standard editions will print and sell through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and various other booksellers.

Later, when I run out of special editions, I might offer a limited quantities of standard copies autographed. I cannot promise this, nor can I promise when it will happen.

How many special editions will there be? Will everyone have the chance to get one?

Yes as long as you preorder you are guaranteed a copy! I plan to order a few extras to sell on my website store. However, once the extras run out, I will not be able to order more until I run a new campaign.

What happens if I miss out on the Talon the Black pre-order special editions and you run out of extras?

Never fear, there will be another chance.

I will do one or two bulk order campaigns per year of special edition copies. So, if you don't get them during the preorder, keep an eye out for additional print run announcements. There will be an email list signup for everyone who wants to wait for the next campaign. This could take several months of waiting, so make sure you order during the preorder period if you want to guarantee a copy.

Are all the books in the Dragonwall Series getting a special foil edition?

Yes! I want your foil editions to match. It's not just Talon getting the special treatment. There will be a special edition version created for each book, to be sold through my website. Each book will have a preorder incentive artwork to go with it!

Will your Dragonwall books stay on Wattpad after they go to print?

Yes, I'm committed to keeping the Wattpad versions available, and free, until the series completes. After that time, they will come down. But that's still about 2 years away from happening. It will give everyone a chance to read them free, as they've been free since 2015. I wish I could keep them free forever, but it doesn't financially make sense for me.

Don't worry, I'll be sure to give ample warning after the series is fully written, to let everyone know when they will be coming down from Wattpad. Some time in 2026.

Will you be doing ARC (advanced reader copies) and any street-team promotional efforts for this series?

Talon the Black 2nd edition will go onto NetGalley for eARC reviewers who have accounts there. Due to the print costs, doing physical ARCS will be extremely limited to large influencers with the kind of following that will give me a return on my investment (if I decide to go this route).

Do you have any photos to show the difference between each edition of the books?

Yes! I will be getting proof copies in the coming months and can take side by side comparisons of the books. Stay tuned as I add more photos.

For all photos below, the left book is the special edition and the right book is the standard edition hardcover.


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