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Dragonwall Fan Art!!!

One of my favorite aspects of sharing Dragonwall with my readers is the amazing fan art that is generated. I'm always humbled to see someone who is so inspired by Dragonwall that they create art around its creatures/characters/landscapes/etc. This blog will be an ongoing homage to all those great fan art pieces I receive.

**If you are interested in having your fan art for Dragonwall featured on this page, please reach out to me! I would love to add it**

These are posted in random order.

King Talon by Captain_Prongs

Prince Talon (before he gets his scars from the Ice Giant) from whiplash436 over on Instagram

Reyr the Gold from Duriver21

Sketch of Claire and Talon at the Fall Tourney Ball from Captain_Prongs

Claire in a beautiful gown by siwsen? I didn't put a full name of who gave me this so I hope that's right! Contact me if I should change it.

A lovely rendition of the gorgeous Prince Feowen of the Sprites by Duriver21

Rendition of Claire with a Sprite marking on her chest by Duriver21

Sketch of Claire as a Rider by Captain_Prongs

Claire studying magic by Duriver21

Sketch of Claire using her green Sprite Fire to make a flame dragon by Captain_Prongs

Claire with her Sprite Fire and Talon in the background by Duriver21

A take on Claire and Talon by Duriver21

That's it for now, folks. This page is ever growing with new artwork. If you have some fan art you'd like to share, anything from characters, to settings, to events, you name it, send it on over with your name and even a short description if you'd like, so that I can credit you!


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