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Kindle Unlimited Recommendations

Kindle Unlimited is like Netflix for books. You pay a monthly subscription fee on the order of $10 and you get unlimited reads per month. Granted, you’re limited to the books that are offered through KU, but if you’re a romance/fantasy reader, then there’s no shortage of choices. I’ve had a KU subscription for ages. I didn’t always use it, but over the last year, I’ve used it more and more.

I thought I’d put together a list of all the books I’ve read and enjoyed on KU. Sometimes it feels a bit daunting when looking at all that’s offered through this subscription. One might wonder where to start?

Fair warning: many of the books I’ve read on KU have been of the spicy variety. Some more spicy than others. So I’m going to include the spicy level with my short reviews. I’m also going to list the book/series in order of enjoyment.

1) The top recommendation goes to Demigods of San Francisco by KF Breene. I ADORED this six-book-series. It is set in contemporary San Francisco, where demigods rule cities. Think every Greek god you remember from mythology.

You can read my review HERE.

This story follows Kieran and Alexis. It’s got the best found-family trope I’ve ever read. The first book is spicy, but the subsequent books are spicy-spicy. However by the 4th book, the spice level relaxes a bit. It’s got a fantastic plot that develops and deepens with each book. This series holds such a special place in my heart and remains one of my favorite series of all time!

2) Horde Kings by Zoey Draven. Wow, this series has it all. Spice and romance. It follows a different character for each book. Think Game of Thrones Dothraki meets science fiction world set on a different planet. I couldn’t put this one down. The spice level is high.

There are five books so far. While I never did a formal review for these because the covers are WAY CHEESY, I’ll discuss a few of my favorite aspects of this series. The first was the language development. I adored each use of the word “Nik” for no, and some of the other words like “neffar?” for what. It’s been weeks since I read this series and I STILL remember these words in their language. Second, I loved the world building. Finally, the romantic development between characters. It was very well written.

I cannot wait for the next book in the series to release.

3) The Warriors of Luxuria by Zoey Draven. This is the same author as the above. I didn’t like this series as much but it was still so much fun. I’d call this one a guilty pleasure. It’s spice level is HIGH. Lots of sex. But the world building was fun too. It’s also set on an alien planet. But there’s a beautiful backdrop to the world building that takes place. I loved learning about the culture of this alien people.

Each book is about 4-6 hours long, so some of them can be read in a single sitting. I looked forward to finishing work each day so I could collapse on the couch and power through one of these babies. There’s a total of eight books in the series.

4) The Shadow Beast Shifters Trilogy. Okay, this starts out as a werewolf feel, but it’s got the freshest take on a werewolf series that I’ve ever read. I LOVED this one. Maybe even more than the series that I mentioned above. It’s a tough one. There’s so much sexual angst between the two MCs.

The male love interest is basically the god of all werewolves. So…hello?! What’s beter than a wolf alpha? A mega-alpha! I loved the world building, the idea that there were other dimensions/planets and the story we get sucked into. It’s been about a year since I read this one, so I’ve forgotten some details. But I do remember being totally enamored by it. Definitely worth a read if you like spicy werewolf romance that deviates from the typical.

5) Demon days, Vampire Nights! Okay, admittedly I’ve only read the first 3 and this is a 9 book series. The first three follow one character, and the next three follow a different character, and so on. Probably why I haven’t continued the series. But the first three were so much fun.

Love vampires?? Then you’ll love this one. Like New Orleans? Then you will love the setting. There was a lot of unique aspects to this series. The steam level was a bit low. I wanted a few more scenes, but there were a few and so, I can’t complain too much. I really liked the MC’s snark. That stands out the most. Want to LOL? Then you’re in good hands.

The MC, Reagan, is a demon/supernatural bounty hunter. I mean, hello??? Badass!! She’s got to team up with an elder vampire to solve a crime. What more could you ask for?

6) Ice Planet Barbarians!! Okay, I only read about 10 of these because they got old. The writing quality is ho-hum. But they were addictive and VERY spicy. I knew next to nothing about this series when I stumbled across the special editions book 1-2 in B&N. I ended up reading them on KU. I’d consider this a “trashy” read. Something you don’t understand why you like, but yet, you can’t put it down.


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