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The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi

[A quick note: This edition is the special Fairyloot edition, which is stunning!! It was my first story by this author and needless to say, I can’t wait to pick up City of Brass now. I’ve been wanting to read that trilogy. Now I know I’m going to love it! This actually takes place before the City of Brass trilogy by about 500 or so years. It’s meant to be a new series. A trilogy, perhaps? I’m not sure how many books there will be. But I’ll be here for them!]

Amina al-Sirafi is a legend. A tale spoken around campfires. A famous pirate whose reputation precedes her. She’s also retired and has no desire to return to her life of danger and backstabbing. Or…does she? Set sail on the marawati as Amina travels to the farthest reaches of the Indian Ocean, to save the world from the Moon of Saba and certain destruction!

This was the adult fantasy I didn’t know I needed! Amina’s adventure was everything I wanted out of a historic, transportive story. There was just a touch of magic in the form of curses, objects, and djinn. It gave it that fantastical feel, while still keeping true to the time period and setting. I felt as if I was whisked away to sea. The level of research that must have gone into writing this was impressive. It felt genuine.

How much fun did I have reading it? TONS! The story is set largely at sea, and the various destinations along Amina’s adventure, various ports of call as she collects the remnants of her old crew, enlists them to help her save the world. Or, in her case, a young girl who has been kidnapped by a bad man. It just so happens that saving the world is only part of her mission. No big deal!!

It really is an adventure: one challenge after another. There’s a creepy giant sea creature, a magical island, and even a super endearing djinn of chaos, who also happens to be Amina’s long lost husband. Her fourth husband, to be precise. Who was supposed to die when she locked him in a box and buried him at the bottom of the sea. SURPRISE!

I adored Raksh’s character. I think he was my favorite. He never lied about himself. He made his intentions very clear at every opportunity. There was only one thing he lived for. Ambition. Other people’s ambition, that is. Why? Becasue his purpose was to feed off their ambition and in exchange, bring luck. What a fun concept! Being good looking helped, I’m sure. Wink-wink.

It was refreshing to read an adult fantasy that followed a middle-aged woman. This story proved that you are NEVER too old to have an adventure. Amina was a mom, a woman of faith. She recognized that she lived an imperfect life, but was trying her best. Seeing her indecision over her daughter, while trying to stay true to her own hopes and dreams, added so much relatability. I enjoyed her character (but not as much as Raksh!!)

All in all, I loved setting sail with Amina’s crew. I loved the whispers of old tales that made Amina legendary. Even the storytelling style was different but fun. I felt like I was part of her adventure. I’m really excited for this series. I can’t wait join Amina on her next adventure!

𝐌𝐘 𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆: 𝟓/𝟓⭐️


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