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Wolf Marked

[A quick note: I actually WON this book in a giveaway. Yipee! It came with a gorgeous box filed with goodies. I’m so glad i won it because I probably wouldn’t have thought about it, seen it, or even picked it up. But now I’m already on the third book. Yay!]

When Savannah is attacked by werewolves, she comes face to face with the sexy alpha of the Dockside pack. He insists on protecting her but she’s stubborn as hell. Can the two of them get along and work together to take out the threat hunting her?

This book was addictive! It had enough to differentiate it from typical werewolf books, not that I mind “typical.” There was a lot more plot and action than I expected, but there was plenty of angst, a Romeo and Juliette forbidden love trope, and a brooding alpha-hole. Basically, all the things I love in a werewolf book, minus the usual insta-love and smut we commonly see. So….fairy warning, this is a SLOW burn (sometimes, annoyingly so). And there was no smut. Kissing, yes. Once. Steam, yes.

I guess I’ve just gotten so used to werewolf being filled with rip your shirt off alpha male smut that I kinda expected a smidge of it? Even just…a little? So there was some minor disappointment on my end when I didn’t receive it. But that’s my fault for my own expectations. I take the blame! But that means this book will be perfect for all those readers out there who are tired of getting inundated with smut in werewolf books. There aren’t actually very many werewolf books that I’ve seen without it, so this will definitely differentiate itself in the genre.

Okay, on to the other stuff…

I really liked the magic and world building. You’ve got all your usual suspects: werewolves, vampires (we don’t see much of them here), demons, witches (and other magic folk), etc. There’s a secret island built on Lake Michigan called “Magic Side.” This is a magical city within our world. I ADORED that concept. A large part of this city is run by the Dockside Alpha, named Jaxon…you know, your typical alpha-hole, brooding, sexy male. HELLO! But part of the city, the “Indies” is run by the LaSelle witches. The LaSelles are in a years long feud with the werewolves, and they literally HATE each other.

So…that kinda complicates things when it comes to Jax and Savy…just a bit. Hello Romeo and Juliette trope?

The plot was extremely addictive. Savannah is running from a threat that wants her blood. It’s a game of cat and mouse as she tries to stay alive. But what I loved most about her character is that she’s no damsel-in-distress. She doesn’t sit around and let Jaxon protect her (even though he keeps insisting on it). She goes out and does things her way, looking for answers. I admit, it did get a smidge irritating at times, because sometimes she literally throws herself into danger. But, hey, it’s all part of her charm. And, it pisses off the alpha, so, bonus points??

The shocking betrayal at the end? I didn’t see that coming. I really liked that the plot wasn’t just a simple construction. That betrayal added A LOT more depth and made me way more curious. I couldn’t wait to pick up the second book, and immediately dived in because I NEEDED to know more about how things would play out. Okay, I admit, mostly I needed to see Savannah and Jax get together, because let’s face it, I love a good forbidden love trope. I hope this slow burn doesn’t drive me bonkers. It already is, but, hopefully not for much longer. Get together already!!!

𝐌𝐘 𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆: 𝟒/𝟓⭐️


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